The COMMONS ~ High River Food Rescue

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The Commons

The COMMONS ~ High River Food Rescue

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    55 8 Ave SE
    High River AB T1V 1E8

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In addition to being a community kitchen and workspace, the COMMONS hosts the High River Food Rescue Market up to twice a week. Rescued food items are still edible but would otherwise end up in the landfill as waste. Volunteers pick-up items identified as being in excess, have imminent best-before dates or damaged packaging from local grocery stores, restaurants and businesses. The food is sorted, labeled and properly stored in preparation for the Market. During the garden harvest season, many local gardeners contribute a variety of fresh vegetables as well.

The Market is accessible to everyone to fill a small re-usable or grocery bag. In this way we all become participants of reducing food waste and the environmental impact. Patrons of the Market should be aware it’s not a grocery store with regularly stocked items. What’s available depends on what was rescued. No two Markets are alike.

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