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Exploring Restaurants in High River

The abundance of quality restaurants in High River even comes as quite a surprise to many a High Riverite. Vacation and holiday time aside, the adventurer at heart would need an entire year to check out a new restaurant every week.  While the brand names are familiar to both visitors and residents, they are balanced by local establishments offering unique tastes and dining experiences. The community benefits from having both as active members supporting local initiatives.

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High River Restaurant Trivia

Have you thought about how dining experiences have changed in small towns? There was a time not too long ago when visitors to High River saw a variety of tractor dealerships along 12 Ave. Nowadays, that same drive into town is dotted with numerous restaurants. And that doesn't take into account all the other places throughout town you can grab some amazing food to eat. Looking at the fabric of High River's food scene reveals some interesting tidbits to munch on.

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Around the World

Not counting North American fare, Italian cuisine is the most popular followed by Mexican options. Overall, cuisine from 10+ countries can be found in High River.

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Popular foods

Burgers and pizza pop to mind as popular meals to grab, but there are 3x as many places that carry sandwiches & wraps and 2x as many offer appetizers or chicken.

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Outdoor Eating

More than 15+ patios are available to help High Riverites and visitors make the most of warm sunny days.  When the weather is less ideal to be outside there are 40+ restaurants to dine in.

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Diet Considerations

Finding options to eat out is getting easier for those who look for gluten-friendly, vegetarian and vegan options. Many restaurants will do what they can to accommodate special diet needs if asked.

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